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Personal Income Tax

Tax can be a tricky subject. What to include as income? What can i claim? Tax Rebates? How do I substantiate? Do I need Private health insurance for tax? The list of questions can be endless and overwhelming.


Jeffkins Accountancy & Business Solutions have been preparing income tax returns in Melton for over 30 years. Our experience and knowledge will take the stress out of the process whilst ensuring that your return is complete, accurate and maximises your refund entitlement each and every year.


Training, staying up to date with the endless changes to the tax law and ensuring we have an understanding of how this will affect our clients is crucial to what sets Jeffkins Accountancy apart from other accountants in the Melton area.


We understand that timely and quality advice should happen throughout the year before and as any transaction occurs. Getting it done right the first time and before any issues arise is vitally important. For this we ensure we are a full year service to our clients not just a once a year meeting. Getting the advice at the right time will ensure the best results for our clients.


We are more than just Compliance, we are here to help build your wealth, Grow with us!


Our firm specialises in all of the following personal income tax:





  • Tax effective strategies








  • ATO Rulings


  • ATO Audits


  • ATO Private Rulings


  • Dividend and investment income


  • Application of ETP for income tax returns


  • Application of Superannuation Lump Sum and Superannuation Income streams for income tax returns


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