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Financial Advice/Insurance/SMSF

At Jeffkins Accountancy & Business Solutions we aim to be a one-stop shop Melton Accountant that can assist you with all your Accounting, Business and Financial needs. To this end we have aligned ourselves with referral partner RI Melton.


RI Melton is a financial advice firm that can assist you with all your Superannuation, SMSF, Retirement and Personal Insurance needs. RI Melton has worked closely with Jeffkins Accountancy for over 10 years. This relationship has enabled us to tailor a unique relationship that gets the best financial results for clients whilst aligning these with the best tax outcomes. RI Melton can assist you with the following:


Retirement Planning & Superannuation (including SMSF)


  • Superannuation - for most Australians, superannuation will be their biggest asset, aside from their home. We’ll explain the issues you need to consider and how to make your super work for you.


  • Investing – how to build an investment portfolio that’s right for you, which assets to invest in, and how to manage risk.


  • Centrelink and other Government benefits - we’ll guide you through the complex maze of pensions, allowances, allowance and benefits available from the Age Pension to Pension Concession Card and Seniors Health Card. We explain how to qualify for entitlements and choosing social security friendly investments.


  • Tax and retirement income strategies – how to choose between retirement investment options and the tax and social security implications. We can also help you to evaluate the different types of retirement income products available.




  • Lifestyle protection insurance. By making sure you have the right kind of insurance cover and the right amount that is suitable for you. Depending on your individual situation and objectives, these may include life insurance, trauma insurance and income protection insurance.


  • Estate planning. Get it wrong and your loved ones could end up with a lot less than they should have, or be left fighting over your assets. Get it right and you can arrange the transfer of your assets with a smooth transition. We work closely with your lawyer and accountant to plan for your needs.


  • Aged care planning. Not something you’re likely to think about until later in life, but it’s far better to get it all sorted while you’re still hale and hearty. Then, if and when the time comes, you can make the transition with a minimum of fuss and live somewhere you know you’ll be happy.


  • Business protection and succession planning. What if your business lost the services of a key person? Who will take over or buy your business and how can you get the most for it if you sell? These are all questions that need to be answered with a comprehensive plan based on expert advice and commercial experience.




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