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Melton accountants that have been servicing the local area for over 30 years. Providing quality and timely Income tax, BAS and Small Business advice.

Accountants Melton that offer a full range of cost effective Accounting, small business advisory, Income Tax and Business Solutions that are designed to meet the needs of you and or your business. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for all your personal income tax, business and financial needs. Our firm houses Financial planners, Solicitors and Mortgage Brokers so that we can offer a full suite of financial services.

We have been Melton accountants for over 30 years. Over this time our firm has learned to understand the specific needs of clients in all areas from individual income tax to small business . This unique understanding helps us meet your expectations with every interaction with our office.


Income tax returns & advice


Ever changing and complex is how to describe the Australian tax law. We constantly undertake further training and education so that we can stay as up to date as possible and ensure the most accurate income tax return and maximise your tax refund. Our staff specialise in all areas of Income Tax including Small Business, Capital Gains Tax, Rental Property/ Negative Gearing and Tax Effective Investments so even if your taxes are complex you can rest assured your in the right hands.


Business income tax returns & advice


Our firm handles a large array of small business clients accross many industries. Our experience and understanding of the industries our clients operate in, our clients specific needs and our frequent contact with our clients allows us to tailor our advice and services to specifically meet the needs of you and your business.


Business Setup 


The setup of a small business is an exciting time. Your idea, your dream, your livelyhood is about to become a reality. Something so important should be given the upmost time and care. Our firm focus is on understanding your situation, goals and to assist you in the intial setup from deciding on an appropriate small business structure, to bookkeeping, insurances, Workcover, empolying, ATO registrations and other very relevant considerations so that your are as informed as you should be and can take that exciting first step knowing you are in good hands. 


Trades people


The Melton area has long been home for the Tradeperson and small business owner. Our firm has operated in Melton for over 30 years and assisted hundreds of local trade business's with running there business, lodging BAS statements and preparing income tax returns. This long standing relationship allows our firm to have a unique understanding of what trade clients need and insures you are looked after in the best possible manner.


To read more on our tradeperson experience click the trades people link.



Life Insurance, Income protection Insurance, Trauma insurance, Public liabiity Insurance, Indemnity insurance, Business interuption insurance, Worcover or vehcile insurance the list of insurances can be overwhelming. Through our referral program let us help take the confusion out of it and ensure you are covered when and where you need to be.


Equipment finance


Looking to buy a new car or peice of equipment ? Dont know the difference between hire purchase, chattle mortgage or lease or the  the effect on GST and expense claims? 


Through our referral program let us assist in the process by explaining your options, by preparing accounts for the financer and guiding you through the process. Let us take the compexity out of it.


Mortgage Broking


Dont trust the bank to give you the best homeloan deal? Through our referral program let us make sure you get the best deal and someone on your side to walk you through the process.


Our Associates

Opening hours:


Monday - Friday 8:30am -5:00 pm


After hours and weekends by appointment only


Ph: 03 9971 7000


Fax: 03 9743 8361






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